Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Not a baby anymore.

According to my boys...2 is a toddler.
"0 to the-day-before-you-turn-2 is a baby."
So Neve is officially a toddler.
By their definition.
Not to her Mommy......that's for sure. 
She will always be my baby


BUT, she's been talking in full sentences for months now.
She corrects the boys, and is quite articulate in her demands. 
"No, Mommy.  I watch Do-a. NOT Clippard!!!"
...............Pardon me, Madam.

I'll bet we could get her potty trained soon...she is smart enough. 
But I'm not ready. ;) 
...Having potty trained 4 kids in the last 4-5 years I just need a break. Sure, diapers stink, BUT there's an ease about taking a kid to the store in a diaper.  No frantic running to the nearest nasty public toilet.

Neve loves to dress up like a Super-Hero.
She wants to sit and watch MegaMan or Ben10 with the boys too.
She will run down the hall with a tutu on yelling "HEY BOYS...I A PRINCESS!!!" but freak out now if I try to put her in a dress and tights (of course you know I still do.... ;) ).

We've go no other references to Princesses here Disney dolls lurking about.
Just that loudmouth Dora.
...I can hear her on the TV now "COME ON BOOTS!  LETS GO ON AN ADVENTURE!!!!"
(Did YOU hear that over there?  I'm certain our entire neighborhood can even with the volume at a minimum.)

My girl is not a fan of veggies in general.  Unless she's drinking my plant-based protein shake...then she'll get her daily dose. ;)
She LOVES meat though... Golly...she can put the twins and Megersa to shame at times. 
She also loves cheese and peanuts.......oh and all things sweet. 

She's sweet as pie.  Seriously....she oozes cuteness.  From that blonde bob to her chubby feet, I cannot. get. enough. 
Recently, she has taken to "helping" me wash the dishes. 
Do I end up having to change her sopping wet outfit every time?  Yes. 
But can I resist her bringing her little black stool up to the counter and asking to help? No. I cannot.  Because I am in love with her. 

While that girl looks not one thing like me, she reminds me so much of me in her personality.  A tomboy at heart that appreciates the girly things in life.  Daring, but somewhat timid...sassy but sensitive. 

The Italian word for snow is: neve.
It hasn't snowed on any of her birthdays yet, but she is just as bright and radiant as it is.
I wake up every morning with anxious anticipation of how she will affect my life each day. 
I am captivated by her beauty and charm.

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